Cadex Surveillance Kit

Cadex offers a wide variety of surveillance kits. Customers may request other mounting options to fill their particular requirements. Specially designed for the sniper or surveillance team, the Surveillance Kit decreases the amount of weight carried. The Surveillance Kit is easy to manipulate during extreme cold weather conditions and in darkness. The Cadex Surveillance Kit is convenient and easy to operate. Its adjustment system allows the operator to easily fine-tune the component’s placement. The Surveillance Kit’s pivoting camera mount allows the operator to set up for photographic surveillance in a matter of seconds. Sighting scope inversion means your head is not the most visible point in your sighting system. The Cadex surveillance kit offers endless possibilities when it comes to mounting accessories.  Click here to see the mounting adaptors for the surveillance kit.

Individual kit

Individual SectionsINDIVIDUAL KIT
2322-BSurveillance kit extension
2322-CSurveillance kit centre rail
2322-DSpacer for inverter cage
2322-EExtra side rail for inverter cage
2322-F3 rails inverter cage (for Leupold® Mark 4 12-40x60 & 20-60x80)
2322-FS60Hensoldt® 3 rails cage (for Spotter 45/60)
2322-ISurveillance kit front section (2700 Model)
2322-JSurveillance kit back section (2700 Model)
2322-KAdaptor for riflescope
2322-PInverter kit to Picatinny adaptor
2322-QKestrel® holder

Surveillance kit complete system (includes I,B,C,D,E,F,J)

Part#: 2700-KIT5 (NSN#: 5855-20-009-3927)

Dimensions:30.19″ x 4.91″ x 11.42″ | 76.67 x 12.48 x 29.01 cm
Weight (±) :4.54 lbs | 2061 grams
Material:6061-T6 aluminum
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  • Ability to mount accessory rails for LRF, Red Dot, Weather Station, etc.
  • Compatible with a complete surveillance kit or as a stand-alone unit
  • Offering additional protection
  •  Allows a perfect alignment for the camera, spotting scope and night vision or thermal imaging

(H) Hensoldt® 3 rails cage for Spotter 45/60

Part#: 2322-FS60

(Q) Kestrel® holder

Part#: 2322-Q


Spotting Scope inverter attachment

Allows for a secure connection between your spotting scope and the surveillance chassis.


Spotting scope cradle mount

Our unique spotting scope cradle mount ensures that the spotting scope is kept parallel with the chassis and other mounted accessories. It also allows the scope to float within the inverter as it is the scope’s only point of attachment. The 6061-T6 aluminum cage on the scope inverter is lightweight. It is also equipped with Picatinny rails for a broad range of parallel accessory mounting options.

Push button sling mount

A standard push button sling mount is integrated into each of the side rails for a variety of transportation options.

Pivoting camera mount

A pivoting camera mount allows you to switch from image capture mode to simple surveillance in a matter of seconds.


Quick adjust button

One quick adjust button for your night optic plus a precise micro adjustment wheel means you can achieve the perfect fit.


Multiple tripod mounts

Multiple tripod mounts allow you to balance your gear on the tripod based on the way the weight is distributed along the surveillance kit.


Quick release knobs

All major joints in this highly adjustable kit are equipped with quick release knobs for easy setup and storage.


Camera Mount

The camera mount is equipped with a horizontal (left/right) adjustment for a precise fit.


Camera height adjuster

With the click of a button your camera’s height is adjusted to match your spotting scope. If finer adjustment is needed, simply use the micro adjustment wheel and the perfect fit is achieved.


Mounting Adaptors

The Cadex surveillance kit offers endless possibilities when it comes to mounting accessories. Each year, new electronic devices are hitting the market and they all require their own mounting interface. This is why Cadex is constantly adding new adaptor blocks to its selection of mounting bases.
Step #1 is to select the BASE type that you are planning to use and Step #2, combine it with the appropriate ADAPTOR BLOCK that you require.

1683-A077-K1RC2 tripod adaptor base
1683-A078-K1Arca adaptor base
1683-A085-K1Picatinny adaptor base (nut)
1683-A080-K1QD Picatinny adaptor base
1683-A082-K1Picatinny adaptor base (thumbscrew)
1683-A067-K1Adaptor block for Vectronix® PLRF15C
1683-A068-K1Adaptor block for Safran® JIM LR
1683-A069-K1Adaptor block for Vectronix® Vector IV
1683-A070-K1Adaptor block for Vectronix® Vector PLRF25C BT
1683-A071-K1Adaptor block for Vectronix® Vector 21 Nite
1683-A072-K1Adaptor block for Swarovski® 60x Spotting scope
1683-A073-K1Adaptor block for Leupold® 40x Gold Ring Spotting scope
1683-A083-K1Adaptor block for Canon® Camera
1683-A084-K1Adaptor block for Coral-CR-C AN/PAS 503
1683-A074-K1Universal RC2 tripod base
1683-A076-K1Universal Arca rail base

Step #1

(RC2 type)
(Arca type)
(Picatinny type)
(Quick-Detach type)
(Thumbscrew type)

Step #2

(Vectronix® PLRF15C)
(Safran® JIM LR)
(Vectronix® Vector IV)
(Vectronix® Vector PLRF25C BT)
(Vectronix® Vector 21 Nite)
(Swarovski® 60x Spotting scope)
(Leupold® 40x Gold Ring Spotting scope)
(Canon® Camera)
(Coral-CR-C AN/PAS 503)
(RC2 type)
(Arca type)

If a proprietary mounting block doesn’t exist for your electronic device, you can request a new block to be developed or use one of the following universal bases. These bases feature 3 pressure screws to block the rotation.