Customers Testimonials

Customer satisfaction is Cadex’s top priority. Our staff WILL make sure our products exceed your expectations.
This page expresses the satisfaction of numerous customers over the years. Most are in English, and some are in French, but they share something in common;
Satisfaction. Feel free to send your testimonial our way to be featured on this page.

I am a proud new owner of a Cadex CDX-R7 LITE. I topped it off with a nightforce NX8 4-32 in a Sphur mount and your Falcon lite bipod. I couldn't be happier with this rifle!The main reason why I'm emailing you today is to talk about Jamie Barkwell. Jamie is an asset and an outstanding representative of your company. He has always been available and excited to talk to me about my new purchase and help me out every step of the way. Far too often people will only take time out of their day to complain about a product or a person. This is definitely not the case as both your product and Rep., Jamie Barkwell, are outstanding!Please keep up the good work and please keep hiring people like Jamie.
Hello, Patrice!I hope you’re having a great week!Again, with quite a delay, I want to say thank you for the package You sent me! I picked it up today. Can’t wait to try that sled! Also thank you so much for all the badges and stickers! Absolutely love them. You guys are truly amazing and I am happy to be, even tho small, but part of Cadex family with my Kraken.I hope I will be able to order that 300NM kit as soon as I get through the tax season.Thank you so much again for everything. You guys can make even a small guy like me, feel little more “up there” with your outstanding customer service!
Patrice Picard, thanks for your quick service for the repairs to my newly acquired Strike Nuke Stock which now is 100% repaired. Cadex didn't need to do this as I bought the stock second hand from an ex-military person but that didn't stop them for making things right. Thanks again and now I have 3 Cadex stocks in 3 different Remington 700 barrels & actions. Great Canadian company people!
Super ! le service est toujours impeccable chez Cadex et le materiel est de qualité superieur a tout point vu.. Un client Ultra Satisfait !
I’d like to thank Cadex (and Jamie at their facility in Quebec) for their impeccable customer service. I recently bought a Falcon Lite bipod from a retailer in Ontario and when it arrived there was a tiny part missing, which prevented me from locking out the pan and cant function. I contacted Cadex and Jamie took the time to go over the disassembly of the unit with me and we discovered that a small washer was missing. They sent me one right away and followed up with me to make sure the problem was resolved. This was my first Cadex product, but because of this level of customer service (and the quality of their products), I’ll be buying my next rifle from them. Well done!
We took my new Cadex CDX-R7 SHP out for the first time on the weekend to start the barrel break-in process, I had not yet fired a round. The first shot was beauty for a bore-sighted gun, and then a lengthy cleaning pursued (as per my Cadex owner’s manual). Excellent crisp trigger, light recoil – similar to my .223 – impressive so far but it got better. I took the 2nd shot, cleaned it, 3rd shot, cleaned it, 4th shot, cleaned it, etc.,c until we finished the tenth and tenth cleaning. The last 9 shots were THE SAME HOLE – slightly skewed from perfect, but the same hole…. Not the outer edge of the hole so it looks like a figure 8, the same hole!!! We could not believe what we saw, our extended range group was in awe. It was 0.125” max center/center on the 9 shots. This target was folded up and put into my drag bag. Keep up the great work, your program is clearly above anyone.
I had a minor warranty issue with a magazine I purchased from a Cadex dealer.Contacted Mr. Vincent Roy at Customer Service on Monday 22 February and explained the issue.He sent a prepaid return label the following day and he shipped a replacement on Wednesday 24 February by Expedited Canada Post.That is Customer Service.Thank you to Vincent and the team at Cadex.
You guys have already gone above and beyond for me. There was an issue on the Dealers side I purchased it from stating that a muzzle brake was included with the Black Friday promo. Turns out it was not. Long story short after I emailed you guys inquiring about this Ryan got in touch with me a offered to send me out a MX1 Brake free of charge.From what I’ve experienced so far I have to say yes you guys are definitely a cut above any other Firearms manufacturer in the Market!Thanks again
After many unsuccessful calls, including the company where I bought the hand-guard for my rifle, and thus being unsuccessful in trying to procure extra picantinny rails. I was given the name of you company and the phone number to Mr. R. Pettorsson. He was able to accommodate my needs within a matter of a hour. I am very grateful for his knowledge and experience. I definitely will recommend this company to my colleagues.
I recently purchased a dual strike chassis for my TRG42, it takes into whole other level! It’s the best $2300 dollars i ever spent! Thank you for such a great product!
I’ve shot many many rifles in my time, for a lot of companies. I just recently got my hands on your guys’ gear and I’m blown away. Amazing job. Both my competition rifle got switched over as soon as I used one. Great job.
Please thank Patrice for putting this remarkable rifle in my hands. I’ve been a Cadex customer since 2013. I have 5 of your rifles. Each one is a remarkable engineering masterpiece.
I wanted to let you know that I’m very happy with the Lite Competition Chassis and MX1 Muzzle Brake. Just finished my build and the fit & finish of the Chassis are great the Break looks great and is effective in recoil reduction.
Comparing Cadex to Accuracy International 10 rounds each rifle 300 Norma Mag. Hands down Cadex is the winner, after shooting five rounds back to back A-I barrel got very hot and I could not see the target clearly due to mirages from the barrel but Cadex keep on shooting like a champ.
Mr. X
It’s a very accurate and high-quality rifle. The best I’ve ever shot … and I’ve fired with all the top rifles.
Picked up a cadex CDX Guardian in 6.5CM. I have always been an AI fanatic, but I think Cadex has converted me. This rifle is gorgeous. I have to say one of my favorite components I never see mentioned is that the folding stock has a buffer on it to prevent pinches and slams. Like a fancy cabinet door. I'm weird… I know. I hope I get to keep it, but I have too many rifles.The woman on the cover of the manual is pretty awesome as well.
I am looking to purchase a 308 barrel for my Cadex. Could you provide me a quote on what I would need for the purchase. Shot the Kraken last evening (338) and had no issue with hits at a mile. Extreme accuracy. I have several 308 rounds so would like to be able to use those for practice instead of the way more expensive 338.
I’ve been shooting my CDX-R7 Sheepdog for a couple of months now and the results are crazy good. Consistently under half an inch MOA at 100yds, and I’ve been hitting steel at 500 meters without fail. And the recoil is minimal. I’ve been able to shoot it for hours in complete comfort. I’m thrilled with it. It’s another example of your superior engineering and quality. Thanks so much for supplying me with it. It’s my favorite rifle now. I know that it took you some time to perfect the new stock but it’s a real winner. Lightweight. Great look. And the fit and function are awesome.
Ladies and Gentlemen: I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your help, this project is outside the norm for you all and I appreciate not only your help, but your professionalism in all of this.
Friend,From your people, yesterday, I was sent a tracking # and info. Awesome service and an awesome firearm! You and your Staff and Company are the best in the World.From a simple guy who spent 33 years in the Reserves and the same time in a Federal Prison… as a staff… LOL“UBIQUE!”
Hi Patrice,I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your support of our accomplishment in connecting at 3,643 yards last Saturday with a Cadex Shadow in .375CT.We could not be happier with the performance and superb engineering that went into that functional piece of art.This was a big “Bucket List” item we were able to check off thanks to the hard work and unparalleled expertise of your entire staff.Thank you again
Travis Nester
Hi Tom,
Received the first order today and they are very nice!! I put in a 700 barreled action I already had and it really looks awesome! Really quality system here! I can’t wait to paint them and get them out!!Again, thank you for the help in getting this done!
Hello Patrice ,
Thought a great big thank you is in order I’ve received my CDX-40 Shadow (HSB) and its absolutely stunning more than my expectations the quality of the build is second to none you know what is was like at Christmas when you were a kid not being able to take your eyes off your new toy !!! Can’t wait to go shoot it.
Mr. X
I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent job you’re doing for us. Not only the support with free parts but the explanations and information you’re providing are extremely valuable. Also, your responsiveness is great. After dealing with many vendors, it’s very refreshing to be engaged with one who’s treating us as good as you are, especially considering the importance of Cadex to our project!Thank you!
I wanted to take a minute to write you and the rest of the crew at Cadex, and thank you for providing such a good product, and service. I received my tremor and accessories today. I have handled a couple of rifles in my time, as well as received a few shipped into the shop. I was very impressed with how well-packed things were. Everything was in perfect condition and arrived safely. I do want to say that I have handled your chassis before, mostly on surgeon receivers and barrels. The fit and finish of this rifle and its accessories are second to no one. It makes me feel good about getting one of these rifles for myself, as well as offering them to my customers. It is very obvious how much you and the Cadex team care about what they do. This thing is amazing, and I cannot wait to get out and hit the range to run this thing. Well done! Thank you! And I look forward to using and passing these great products along to my customers.
Chassis came in last night. I had to attend a company party with my wife so I couldn’t put my hands on it right away. Got home late still couldn’t touch it. Been up since 4am….The fit and finish, the details in the instructions, even the packaging….EXCELS!! Everything went together perfect. No fitting, no filing, no loose parts/sloppiness. I’m blown away!After I got everything put together, no kidding I just took a step back and admired it. AMAZING!! I love it! I’ll be posting pics to IG/Facebook when the sun comes up.
Mr. X
Hey PatriceHope the holidays were good for you and your family . Wanted to thank you for getting the pins out to us so quickly ! We truest do appreciate your commitment to quality control and satisfaction of your customers.
Hi Patrice,
Enclosed are a few pics of my new Kraken in the wild. This one is a 6mm, 308 and 338 package currently configured as 6mm. It shoots beautifully out to 1000m at 0.6moa. Once I get the loads tuned and get more time behind it I am sure it will perform even better. Awesome rifle, I could not be happier with it.
Hello, What fantastic customer service, I appreciate your efforts to make it work out! We’ll see what ***** comes back with, but it should be a pity to not be able to pair one of the finest actions with the finest chassis :).Thank’s a lot!
High marks to your Logistics team for taking such care in the packaging! I have been so pleased with the service provided by Cadex from the beginning order to the final delivery of the product. It’s clear that everyone involved tales great pride in their jobs and in their company. I congratulate you! Have a great weekend!
Merci ! J’avais lu que le service CADEX était au top. Il ne m’aura pas fallu longtemps pour le vérifier. Je me réjouis déjà d’entrer dans le cercle!
Good day Patrice,
I would like to thank you very much for taking the time to respond to my e-mail. It was a surprise to hear from you, as I know you are a very busy man. In all the videos I have seen, and all the forums I have read in researching/learning about Cadex, you have always provided very positive and informative feedback. I completely understand your response to my request, as I understand the integrity you would like to maintain with your dealers, and I respect that. The scope base is really the last item on my build….(for now)… and I will reach out to a local dealer to complete that purchase.
Again, I would like to thank you and your company for the excellence parts you supply to the shooting community, in my opinion Cadex is top quality products. I also wanted to comment on the exceptional customer service culture you have at Cadex, from your online store, as well the time YOU have taken to respond, speaks volume of your genuine awareness to please. Of course, I will gladly take you up on your offer – as I would be proud to wear a Cadex t-shirt. (XL). Please.
Thank you again for you time Patrice and I sincerely appreciate your offer, and resect the response you have provide. I’m sure we’ll chat in the near future – especially when it comes to my next build, as it will be another Cadex.
Can’t go wrong with Cadex and I know you guys always back up customers. Love it! That’s why I went of Tremor instead of Desert Tech HTI. You guys rock! Simple as that.
I have one of your Cadex Field Strike chassis on my Remington 700 Tactical. The chassis is awesome by the way. Proudly showcase it as Canadian Made. Will be adding the MX1 muzzle brake, and Rem700 2 stage trigger as well. To keep it all “Cadex Canadian” scope rings are next.
Ex-Military, and once again great job on your equipment you supply us. Used parts of it on service rifles, and heavy weapons, while in active service in many parts of the world. Nice to have my own pieces now that I am retired on my AR’s and bolt gun. Saving up for a full Cadex rifle in the future. Lifetime customer right here. Thank You
Mr. Harrison
Hi Patrice

I have received the Competition Lite chassis for my Tikka T3 Tac/ 300win. I can’t express enough how please I am with the design, quality, and craftsmanship of the modular rifle chassis Cadex has developed. The chassis assembly was easy with direction from the supplied manual and tools. (noticed the tools fit the fasteners perfectly) The fitment of the chassis is that of a custom one-off build, fit and finish are flawless. Customer satisfaction, right down to the packaging and shipping.

In my excitement the next day I headed for the range, -18. After sighting in and shooting targets I noticed even with my limited knowledge and experience that there is recoil management developed into the Cadex chassis. (no muzzle break at the time, that’s how I know) Night and day difference from the previous stock. I’m particular and have attention to detail, I’m impressed! I feel like I haven’t said enough.

Thank you to everyone at the Cadex Team, from the first person that takes an order to the last person that gets it out the door! Your commitment to a Superior and complete product is unmatched!
Hi Patrice,
I realized I didn’t write back but I thought I’d give you an update.,
I went through Casey Brouwer with Tactical Ordnance who did some work for me in the past (and a good guy at that too). I received my Cadex CDX-300 in 300 WM in December and finally managed to get some range time with it. I just want to say that this is the best precision rifle I have ever fired to date. You guys have done an amazing job and I’m even more proud that it’s Canadian-made!,
The muzzle brake in particular is amazing. Compared with my custom build (and unbraked) Remington 700 in 308, the recoil felt with the CDX-300 in a more powerful 300 WM cartridge was actually less. Also, I was able to get back onto target much quicker. It’s made me think of actually getting my Remington 700 barrel threaded so I can accept a brake for it too.,

Anyway, thanks for your help before!
Super ! le service est toujours impeccable chez Cadex et le materiel est de qualité superieur a tout point vu.. Un client Ultra Satisfait !